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"The Metaverse is a digital world that exists in parallel and is connected to the real world."

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Digital World, constructed on oofy-platform, consists of



A person of the digital world.

He/she owns personal data and monetizes them. Is free in relations with other citizens. Is free to deal with brands that entered the Metaverse to promote, provide and maintain their products and services in both digital and real-world formats.  



Community of Metaverse citizens.

Each association has its own goals, rules and conditions for being in communities. The community is managed by members, has its own content channel and digital assets.



Services and products of brands.

Products and services are provided from the real or virtual world by brands that are represented in the metaverse.



Change world together.

Citizens of the metaverse come together to implement various projects aimed to change the worlds for the better. Social projects, cultural projects, creative and commercial projects. Only community-supported projects are being implemented.



Tokens serve relations.

Token networks and token platforms. Brand tokens. Token turnover. Exchange. Deposit and withdrawing of assets from other worlds and networks.


Connection of worlds

Assets recognized in all the worlds.

Real and virtual ones. Free asset movement from one world to another one.

Illustrations © Millo


Citizen of the Metaverse, built on oofy-platform, owns 


Personal capital

We own our personal data.

We collect personal data to the Data Lake. We provide access to data in exchange for crypto assets. We monetize our personal data. We create a market for personal data.


Social capital

Measurable recognition.

Recognition of achievements in communities, in the Metaverse and beyond. Participation in social projects. We accumulate social capital. We sell it if we want. We create a social capital market.



For own good and profit.

Utility of the Metaverse. Convenient services for the purchase and use of products and services of brands. Get tokens, get the best prices for participating in promotions and brand loyalty programs. Group purchases, joint ownership and other trade mechanics. Get tokens for watching brand advertising.


Content and creativity

Creativity brings income.

Thematic content with the possibility of monetization. Monetization of content improves its quality. Comments and direct communication in communities. Monetization of activities in the feed. Get tokens for every like. Creativity protection via NFT. NFT open market.

Metaverse. Web 3.0 and blockchain.

Web 3.0 is a new concept of Internet based on decentralization, without any single monitoring body and censorship. In modern Internet Web 2.0 corporations rule; they control all user’s data and products. Web 3.0 give the rights to data back to their legal authors and builds a new economics around that. Decentralization is based on blockchain. Economics uses crypto tokens and is ruled by smart contracts.


Community in the digital world, build on oofy-platform



Association for common goals.

The oofy platform serves community mechanics created to achieve different goals. Tools are provided for community management through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


How It Works

DAO and content channel.

Solutions and their implementation in the community are based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Each community has its own content channel through which communication between community members are served.


Categories of communities


The platform has a wide range of templates for creating communities. The template library has options to create a loyalty club, blog, social network, group shopping, joint ownership, launching of various projects, labor relations, trade communities and guilds.  


Participation in community

Everyone will find the sense.

Various mechanics of motivating a person to participate in communities are supported. Self-expression. Income. Recognition. Status. Assistance to other participants. Common projects. Entertainment.

© Street Art , Liverpool

Metaverse. DAO.

DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, that unites participants and is managed through smart contracts. Decisions in the DAO community are made by token voting. DAO most often has a model in which the strength of the participant's vote depends on the number of tokens he/she owns.


Business in the digital world, built on the oofy-platform.


Personal marketing.

Communications with persons without intermediaries. Personal offers based on the analysis of behavior and benefits of the client.


Personal advertising.

Demonstration of advertising taking into account the preferences of the client. Direct advertising without intermediaries. Payment for ad watching.


Personal communication.

Channels of direct communications. Planning and implementation of communication strategy of the brand. 


Promotions and Loyalty.

Loyalty clubs. Promotion activity. Coupons. Sale.


Sales channels.

Direct sale. Direct sales channels without mediators keeping the retail margin. New sale mechanics. Group sale. Resale based on product use experience. Sale for common ownership of the community. 


Authentication certificates.

Issuance of certificates per unit of product, per batch, per assortment item. Maintenance and monitoring of the full cycle of product use from purchase to disposal. Product life cycle analysis. Communication marketing taking into account the life cycle of products.

Metaverse. NEAR protocol.

NEAR Protocol is a blockchain platform for decentralized programs in the Internet. NEAR blockchain operates on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism named Nightshade, aimed to ensure scalability and a stable commission for transactions. The network can handle up to 100K of transactions per second. The cost of the transaction starts from 0.01 cents.

Oofy platform possibilities

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Campaign builder

Drag-and-drop graphic builder.

Graphic notation to describe the logic of the campaign. Not complete after Turing. Notation close to the marketer's style of thinking during creating campaigns to interact with individual recipients or segments. Does not require programming skills. It is possible to launch on an event, timer or from another campaign. Work with constants and environment variables is implemented.

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Marketing programs

Builder of promotions and loyalty programs.

Numerous promotions with different mechanics. Promotions can be personalized, for individual segments or for general use. The builder has a lot of conditions for which the promotion is applied and many actions that affect the purchase price. Marketing programs can be different for different sales channels. The builder supports all stages of preparation and implementation of the agreement, from catalog browsing to sales.

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Product catalog

Creation and edition of product categories tree.

Product attributes builder. Creation of product position. Support of options, namely size guides. Download of media files to represent products in the digital sales channels. Easy navigation. Support of filters and search.

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Registration of person in the Metaverse.

Creation of NEAR account during the registration of the person in the Metaverse. Maintaining of person’s profile using basic and wide data, logistic profile, life style profile, biometric profile. KYC procedure influences the value of the profile at the purchase of its personal data. 

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Person’s wallet

Custody of own crypto-assets.

Ability to send and receive tokens using a wallet. Swap tokens for available liquidity pairs. ML procedure on crediting tokens to the wallet. Token mixer tokens while sending to prevent tracking of the sender-recipient pair.

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Nominal, discount of product coupons.

Specify the product categories to which you can apply the coupon. The number of units of goods is taken into account in the agreement with the coupon. The coupon can be registered or that to bearer. There is an agency coupon, when the recipient can not use it in the agreement, but can transfer it to others. Coupons are distributed through marketing campaigns and content channels. All coupons of the person are kept in the application and are used while making a purchase in the store of the brand that issued the coupon.

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Loyalty club

Brand loyalty club.

Receive personal offers, participate in the brand referral program for a fee, join the club content feed and participate in club activities, receive coupons from the brand, receive tokens from the brand for watching ads.

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Boutiques of all brands in one place.

Search and select of brands and products by name and categories. Attribute filters. Virtual brand store in the Metaverse. Full description of the selected product. Personal offers from the brand for loyalty club members. Cart. Making an order. Ability to use coupons. Payment of the order, namely by brand tokens. Track order fulfillment status.

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Content channels of brands and community in one feed.

Management through communication strategy or direct publication of posts. Show in the person's feed. Feed management. Channel subscription. Activities in posts with payment by tokens and without payment. Distribution of coupons from brands in the feed. Advertising in the feed with payment for watching to the person's wallet. A lot of post formats for media content, long-reads and short notes.


Time to create your Metaverse!


  • Tokenomics. What coins are issued and circulated in the Metaverse?

    The oofy platform handles the issuance and application of many different tokens. Tokens serve the economics of the Metaverse, are used in voting within the DAO community, confirm the rights to own both virtual and real-world assets. Tokens are stored in the wallet of the person or brand employee. Crypto assets can be managed by funds that serve DAO or other smart contracts.
    Network token. $ NEAR. Used to serve transactions, including paying commissions or storing data in the Near protocol network.

    Platform token.
    Issued by the platform. It is used to pay registration fees, pay for the use of platform resources and commissions for transactions within the platform.

    DAO voting token.
    Issued at community launch according to the DAO protocol selected for community service.

    Brand token.
    Each brand registered on the platform issues its own token. The brand token serves the brand's marketing campaigns, is used in promotional activities, loyalty programs and is accepted for payment for brand products.

  • Monetization. Who and how earns in the Metaverse?

    The person gets tokens from the sale of access to his/her personal data, for participation in promotions or in the brand loyalty program, content sales, for participation in referral programs and for watching brand advertising.
    The community raises funds to fund common projects, and community owners get subscription income or commissions on community-based trading. The community as an asset can be sold to other owners.
    The brand runs business in the Metaverse without mediators, creating new direct sales channels, expanding the sales gap, adding to it re-sales based on life-cycle monitoring of client use of previously sold products.

  • Where is it better to create Metaverse?

    Territory. The Metaverse, developed for people who live within one state, use one or more national languages, have a common social environment, common historical roots and are part of the target audience selected for launching the Metaverse.

    Persons and businesses united by common interests can be the basis for a metaverse that develops as a conglomeration. For example, the Metaverse is built in resort countries or regions with a set of services typical of such a conglomeration.

    Association in the Metaverse of one or more related industries with a target audience that speaks the same language and lives in a single logistics area. For example, the Metaverse of selective fashion brands.

    Big business operating around the world, deploying the Metaverse to interact with its partners and end users of its products.

  • How fast can I deploy the metaverse on the oofy platform?

    The project for preparation, deployment and launch of the metaverse on the platform can take from 2 to 3 months, depending on the required capabilities, given to the purpose of the metaverse. Request a more detailed project plan to launch the metaverse.

  • Why should I participate in the construction of the metaverse?

    Доход от инвестиции. Токен метавселенной открыт к продаже на различных централизованных и децентрализованных крипто биржах и DeFi площадках. В случае успешного запуска метавселенной стоимость ее токена может показать 10Х рост в течение года после запуска.
    Доход от работы платформы. Доход, который получают учредители метавселенной состоит из комиссий за проводимые на площадке операций, оплаты за использованные ресурсы и регистрационные сборы с бизнесов, покупающих свое место в метавселенной.
    Простой вход. Стать инвестором запускающейся метавселенной можно выкупив ее токены по цене первичного размещения. 
    Простой выход. Выйти из инвестиции в метавселенную и получить доход можно продав токены по рыночной цене с мультипликатором.

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