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Target amount: 15K $NEAR 

UA.Revive. Platform for launching projects for revival of Ukraine.

We don’t doubt for a second that Ukraine will win the war with Russia. We understand that the payment that the Ukrainian people will pay for this victory is enormous. Deaths of military and civilian Ukrainians, broken lives, destroyed cities, mourning for the dead. Ukraine cannot be broken! Ukraine will revive homes, cities, economics, life. The UA.Revive project contributes to the revival of Ukraine.



Target amount: 150K $

ECO2 Foundation. Fund of conscious eco-consumption.

The fund issues ECO2 tokens when a person has performed a beneficial action that has reduced his/her carbon footprint. This may be a decision to choose a carbon neutral product or buy the right product on the secondary market or abandon the purchase and lease instead. For every 1 kg of CO2 reduce in this way, 1 ECO2 token is issued.



Target amount: 200K USDT 

Talent Cards. Decentralized skills inventory.

Migration. Economic crises. Refugees. All these factors challenge the established labor markets in the European Union. Governments are forced to adapt to the challenges of the time and change complex and regulated legislation, allowing employment in EU countries for those who previously did not even think of getting a legal job.



Target amount: 500K USDT

Fashion-verse. Fashion-on-demand metaverse. Say “Stop!” to fast fashion!

"Fast fashion" kills our planet. It's time for "fashion on demand", if we want our children live on planet Earth without spacesuits. Let's build together a new business model for the fashion industry and the fashion-verse. Fashion on demand is a business model in which goods are produced only when they are needed.

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