ECO2 Foundation

is a crypto-fund motivating people and brands to be eco-friendly

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Why is it for

If you are worried about how your children and the children of your children will live on our planet Earth, then it's time to take care of the environment!

If you’re a person,

 for the right eco-behavior, get eco-tokens to your wallet. Sell your eco-tokens or exchange for the eco-status.

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If you’re a brand,

make eco-friendly products or services and sell them to your clients, get the status of an eco-friendly brand.

If you’re an eco-investor, 

buy eco-tokens on the market, exchange them for eco-NFTs and get your eco-status. 

How to save the Earth every day?

What people, who want to behave eco-correctly, face

What should I do?

Not everyone knows how to behave eco-correctly every day. Which products and services to prefer.

Why should I do that?

It is difficult to form a habit of eco-correct behavior, since eco-actions do not lead to immediate results.

How to measure benefit?

It is impossible to answer exactly how much benefit a person has brought to the environment through his/her actions.  

How to attract friends?

It is difficult to prove to your friends that your eco-behavior has already brought benefits and invite them to follow your example.

How ECO2 Foundation works



Every product made by a brand can have an environmental benefit assessment. This assessment is measured in units understandable to everyone. 



Each service, the provision of which uses materials and methods that reduce harm to the environment, is assessed in units understandable to everyone.



To make the right choice for the environment. You can buy an eco-friendly product or refuse to buy a new one in favor of a used one, or just rent it.



Having done actions beneficial for the environment, a person has performed eco-work, which proves the benefit received for the environment. The amount of work is equal to the amount of benefit that this work has brought to the environment.



For the performed eco-work, a person receives eco-tokens to his/her wallet, which are issued by the ECO2F platform upon completion of the work. The eco-tokens can be sold or exchanged for other crypto-tokens and withdrawn into fiat money.



The owner of the eco-tokens can exchange them for an NFT token, confirming the eco-status of its owner. He/she can demonstrate this status in advertising and PR campaigns, in social networks or among his/her friends, encouraging them to do the same. 

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In a nutshell...

An ECO2 token is issued when a person has completed an environmentally beneficial action, which we call the eco-work. It can be a decision to choose a carbon-neutral product or to buy the desired product in the secondary market, or to refuse to buy at all and rent it. For every 1 kg of CO2 saved and not produced in this way, 1 ECO2 token is issued. The foundation agent confirms such a work. From the point of view of smart contracts and blockchain, it is the so-called “oracle” that confirms the eligibility of emission of tokens. The Foundation issues an appropriate number of tokens equal to the completed eco-works and transfers them to the wallet of the person who has performed eco-useful actions.

Kinds of eco-works

Purchase of eco-products. 

Each product has a certificate confirming its environmental friendliness. It is also indicated how many eco-tokens this product is valued in.

Refusal to purchase.

Refusal to buy a new product in favor of buying a used one or renting product is encouraged by eco-tokens.


Eco-cleaning and other types of maintenance of the product during its use are also recognized as eco-work and are encouraged by eco-tokens.


Safe recycling of products performed by certified agencies also results in eco-tokens.

Features of ECO2 Foundation platform

① Completion of eco-work

Transfer from the agent serving the person through the oracle to the platform of the fact that the person has performed the eco-work.

② Eco-token issuance

Emission of the eco-tokens in the amount of the eco-work performed. Transfer of the eco-tokens to the person's wallet.

③ Wallet

Send. Exchange. Person's eco-tokens are stored in his/her crypto wallet in the NEAR network. Tokens can be transferred to any other network account or exchanged for other crypto-coins through the exchange service.

④ Sale of eco-token

DEX, DeFi platforms. The eco-tokens can be sold or bought at exchanges or DeFi platforms.

⑤ Eco-NFT token

The owner of eco-tokens can exchange them for NFT, confirming the eco-status of its owner. Eco-tokens that were accepted in exchange for NFTs are burned. The NFT token is stored in the owner's wallet. The owner of an NFT token can sell it on the market, losing his/her eco-status. 

How the project is launched

Step 1. We invite brands to participate.

Step 2. We launch the eco-loyalty programs.