Let’s revive Ukraine! Decentralized platform to launch volunteer, product and startup projects of revival of Ukraine

Why decentralized platform

Blockchain technologies make raising and use of funds transparent.
Smart contracts and DAO build trust in parties’ relationship. It helps to reduce project risks. It helps to fulfill project in time and within the budget. It helps to revive Ukraine faster.

Who is it for


Participation in non-profitable projects of revival of Ukraine with control over the use of funds and confirmation of participation in the form of an NFT token.


Investments in product and startup projects in Ukraine. Strategic management of investment in a DAO-based project.


Raising funds for non-profitable projects to revive Ukraine and to help the people of Ukraine affected by the war with Russia.


Launching a product or partnership project involving product buyers or investors in a business project.


of volunteer and investment projects.

No transparency in raising funds.

It is not always clear who and what assets is investing. KYC of an investor or patron.

It is difficult to assess the origin of funds.

Purity of raised assets according to the law on money laundering. ML procedure at the deposit of funds.

Weak control over the use of funds.

In the classical banking system, it is difficult or impossible to return unreasonably spent funds.

Difficulties with project management.

The interaction between the board of investors and the team has little effect on the operational level of the project. No DAO.

Payments to the team often cause controversy.

Differences in estimates of project implementation lead to irreversible losses of fiat funds. No cliff and vesting abilities.

Estimates of project success differ.

There are not always measurable indicators of project success. It is even more difficult to connect indicators with bank transactions in fiat.

Why UA.revive.

Open to all. Transparent on each step. Trust as a basis.


The project is open to the community. Project management from fundraising to delivery of results is based on a decentralized platform using blockchain and smart contracts.


The status of the project and the progress of each task is reflected in the form of transactions recorded in the blockchain.


The relationship between the parties involved in project financing, performance and management at the operational and strategic levels is regulated through the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

Technologies. DAO.

DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, that unites participants and is managed through smart contracts. Decisions in the DAO community are made by token voting. DAO most often has a model in which the strength of the participant's vote depends on the number of tokens he/she owns.

Types of projects on UA.revive site


non profitable

Infrastructural. Social. Medical. Ecologic.



Product projects. In Ukraine. For Ukraine. For world.



New business in Ukraine. For Ukraine. For world.

Technologies. NEAR protocol.

NEAR Protocol is a blockchain platform for decentralized programs on the Internet. NEAR blockchain operates on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism named Nightshade, aimed to ensure scalability and a stable commission for transactions. The network can handle up to 100K of transactions per second.

UA.revive services. Project way: from idea to implementation.


Preparation of the project. From idea to application.

Quantitative and qualitative research. Defining project objectives. Concept description. Creation of DAO project and content channel. Integration with the project tracking system. Design. Planning. Project team. Resources and budgets. Advisors. Permitting and regulatory documents. Project insurance. Preparation of the application. Application audit. Request for publication of the application.


Publication of the project and fundraising. 

Publication of application on the platform. Project landing page. Twitter and telegram channels. Promotion. Project support in the mass media. AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. GR sessions. Subscription to participate in the project DAO. Fundraising. Launching of the project if you managed to raise funds within the set period. Otherwise, closure of the project and return of funds raised. 


Project implementation. 

Use of Agile methodologies for project management. Project progress management through the Jira tracking system. Using the Scrum or Kanban templates. Organization of team work through sprint, epic, task. Closing project sprints. Release. Product launch. Entry into service.  


Strategic management. 

Monitoring the project progress by the board using DAO protocols. Payments for resources and works during the project from DAO fund under DAO protocols with dispute resolution mechanics. Use of cliff and vesting mechanics to reduce project team payment losses and to motivate them to achieve planned results. 


Solution of risks.  

Project risk assessment by the board. Decision to overcome risks. Additional fundraising. Decision on insurance event occurrence. Decision to close the project and liquidate DAO.


Closure of project.

Assessment of the achievement of project objectives. Board decision to close the project. Making bonus payments. Defrosting payments to the team made on the terms of timely project implementation. Issuance of NFT tokens confirming funding and participation in the project.



Entry of projects results into service. Primary support and user training. Transfer of the object to the balance of the operating organization. 

Інструменти. Jira – хмарний сервіс трекінгу проєктів. Інтеграція з DAO від oofy. 

Jira Software is a cloud project tracking service from Atlassian, designed to simplify project management for various teams.
Plan. Create user stories and tasks, plan sprints and assign tasks to your development team.
Track. Get your priorities and discuss the work of your team in conditions of absolute transparency.
In order for the project team to interact with the management board, the project is implemented through Jira integration with the project DAO on the oofy platform.

Seed investments

Invest profitably in the revival of Ukraine. Participate in the seed stage of the UA.revive project. 

1. How to invest.

Investments for the launch and development of the UA.revive site are attracted within the framework of DAO UA.revive. The investor joins DAO as a participant and deposit the desired investment. A participant may increase the amount of his/her investment or withdraw an earlier payment until the investment round is open and DAO raises funds. When a round is closed, new investments cannot be made until a new round is opened. After the round closes, all funds raised go to the project team. If the round is not closed in the allotted time, the round is considered unsuccessful and all funds raised under this round are returned to investors.  

2. Why it is profitable to invest in UA.revive.

The investor who deposited funds in the UA.revive site helps Ukraine to revive, receives a return on investment and becomes the owner of a memorable NFT as an investor in the UA.revive project. The investor receives a return on investment each time after the end of the period based on the results of the site. The investor automatically leaves the project after receiving the announced income from the invested amount. Re-entry into the project is possible on general grounds if a new round of investment is opened. The decision to open an investment round is made by the project board, based on the project development plan.

3. Coin for investment.

All investments and returns are made in $ NEAR in the Near protocol network. 

4. Seed round.

We attract 15K $NEAR from early investors at the seed stage to launch the platform. The coefficient of auto exit from seed investment will be 3X the deposited funds. 

5. Use of raised funds.

Funds are used by the project team in Platform Development 4,5K $NEAR (30%), Business Development 1,5K $NEAR (10%), Marketing 6K $NEAR (40%), Operation 2,25K $NEAR (15%), Accounting and Legal 0,75K $NEAR (5%).

6. Income. 

The income of the site is formed through a commission from the funds raised in the amount of 3% of the transaction. The earned income is spent to marketing and maintaining the platform. Part of the funds in the amount of 30% of income is used for return on investment. 

7. How to become a seed-investor.

Join the whitelist of investors for the seed stage. Receive an invitation to join the DAO site management. Invest in the DAO fund and participate in the strategic management of the site before leaving the project.