Talent cards.

Decentralized skills inventory. 

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What is Talent Card

A specialist card with a record in the blockchain of data on professional training, professional activity, proven experience and facts of social behavior. The card is available with the permission of its owner to employers and platform agents.

Who is it for


Always relevant profile of the specialist in the decentralized inventory with the possibility of presentation on request under the permission of the specialist.


An easy way to quickly fill vacancies with the best specialists based on complete, up-to-date and verified data.


Earn money on services for specialists and employers. HR service, specialist profile maintenance, verification, translation.

Jobs and specialists search problems

Numerous portals in different countries

The specialist should take care to have his/her profile on all portals in all countries of the world he/she is interested in.

Account does not belong to specialist

Information about the specialist and the benefits of owning this data belong to the owners of the portals.

Information is not always up-to-date

The specialist has no interest in addition of new facts or change the profile data, or cannot control it.    

No unified skills inventory

You need to search for an expert on many portals.

No unified register of job vacancies

It is difficult to find an interesting and profitable job.

Why is Talent cards


The account belongs to the specialist

The data of the specialist is stored in the decentralized register and belongs to the specialist. Access to the account with the permission of the specialist.


Unified skills inventory

Professionals keep their data in the inventory. Employers around the world will quickly find suitable candidates for new job vacancies.


Always up-to-date data

The specialist is interested in the relevance of the profile. He is following his profile. Profile changes are available to all interested subscribers to the profile. 


Adding information about the specialist

Employers and colleagues add to the inventory information of work experience together with a specialist. Agents add the data on training, certification, testing of a specialist.



Job vacancies. Search. Recruitment. Rotation. Reduction. A convenient way for the employer to implement any HR strategy. 


Agents’ services

Attracting many agents to collaborate on the platform. HR processes. Selection, interview, purchase of the right to offer. Validation of specialists' accounts, verification of documents, KYC procedure. Translation of documents. Lawyer. Protection of the rights of specialists. 



Integration with HR portals and government services. Data exchange. Use of labor market support services of selected countries. 



Association of specialists in communities to protect their interests, for communication, HR clubs of employers.  

Go to market

Step 1. Issuance of Talent cards

Involvement in the creation of an account and registration of a profile of specialists of different categories with a focus on the market of the base EU-country.

Step 2. Communities

Launch of communities of specialists in the format of trade unions, social networks in various applied spheres.

Step 3. Attraction of agents

Attraction of agents to the platform to serve the specialists and to solve HR problems of employers.

Step 4. Attraction of employers

Offer a platform to employers to post current job vacancies and use the services of agents.

For specialist. Possibilities of the platform.

  • Creation of profile

    Registration of the specialist's account on the platform. Profile validation. Download and validation of personal documents. Order of a certified translation of the profile and documents for selected labor markets. Protection of access to the specialist profile. 

  • Way of specialist

     At any time, the employer or agent can access the full profile of the specialist with his/her permission. Access may involve payment in platform tokens in favor of a specialist.

  • Interesting job vacancies

    Search for suitable job vacancies. View of job vacancies. Communication with the vacancy holder. Guaranteed consideration of the parties' offers. In case of violation of the terms of response to the request, the guilty party pays a fine for failure to respond.  

  • Open to offers

    Head-hunting. The specialist sells the right to make an offer to the employer or agent and guarantees its consideration and response. For consideration of the offer, the employer pays the specialist a bonus in the platform tokens.

  • Can recommend

    The specialist can offer a questionnaire of his/her friend for an open job vacancy. If a friend is considered by the vacancy holder or a contract is signed with him/her, the specialist who made the recommendation receives a bonus in the platform tokens.


© Eduardo Korba

For employer. Possibilities of the platform.


© Eduardo Korba

  • Open a job vacancy

    Placement of employer’s vacancies on the platform. Search and recommendations of questionnaires of specialists. Maintain p2p communication with candidates. Insurance of agreements reached with the use of a deposit in the platform tokens.

  • Buy right to the offer 

     Make an offer to a unique specialist, even if he/she is not looking for a job at the moment. The specialist obligatorily views the employer's offer and receives platform tokens to his/her crypto-wallet.

  • Queue for a specialist

    Plan to hire a specialist. To stand in line for consideration by a specialist of an offer from the employer. 

  • Plan the need

    Plan to open a job vacancy. Serving vacancies that open in the prospective. Selection of candidates. Insurance of liabilities of the parties with the use of smart contracts and guarantee support in the platform tokens.

  • Painless reduction

    Reduction. Sell the right to offer. Put up for sale reviews about professionals who end up working with an employer. Payment for access to reviews in the platform tokens.

For agent. Possibilities of the platform.

  • Creation of a specialist profile

    Attracting a new specialist to the platform. Assistance in setting up a profile. Placement of specialist documents on the platform. For attracting a specialist to the platform, the agent receives a reward in the platform tokens.

  • Hiring of a specialist

    Full cycle service for an employer vacancy. Selection, interviewing, hiring, signing contracts. The agent is paid a commission in the platform tokens.

  • Validation of specialist profile

    Procedure for verification of the specialist profile and the submitted documents. Mark on behalf of agent after the validation. KYC procedure with the participation of a specialist.

  • Translation of profile and documents

    Certified translation of the profile and documents of the specialist by an agent acting as a translator. Opening a specialist profile for a new country on the international labor market.


© Eduardo Korba

For community. Possibilities of the platform.


© Eduardo Korba

  • Smart-union of specialists 

    A community of specialists that helps and protects the interests of each participant in relations with employers using the mutual aid fund, lawyers and government agencies. It is managed using smart contracts through the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model. 

  • Social networks on the platform

    Communication of specialists on any topics. Discussion of working conditions. Vacancy recommendations. Professional growth.

  • Employer HR-club

    Servicing of employer HR-strategy. Formation of a loyal environment at the enterprise. Discussion of working conditions and social problems.


  • Allocation






  • Seed

    200K $


    0,05 $


    12 monthes cliff, then 8,33% for 12 monthes

  • Private

    450K $


    0,15 $


    8 monthes cliff, then 8,33% for 12 monthes

  • Strategic

    1M $


    0,25 $


    6 monthes cliff, then 8,33% for 12 monthes

  • IDO

    4M $


    0,5 $


    3 monthes cliff, then 7,5% for 12 monthes

  • Community ownership





  • Marketing & Influencers





  • Staking / Farming





  • Development Incentives 





  • Advisors





  • Team





  • LP Token Incentives






    5 650K $


Seed-investments. $ 200K is raised, 4M tokens are transferred at a cost of $0.05 per token in 12 months after TGE, for 12 months in equal parts.
Private investments.
$ 450K is raised, 3M tokens are transferred at a cost of $0.15 per token in 8 months after the TGE, for 12 months in equal parts.
Strategic investments.
$ 1M is raised, 4M tokens are transferred at a cost of $0.25 per token in 6 months after TGE, for 12 months in equal parts.
$ 4M is attracted, 8M tokens are transferred at a price of $0.5 per token, 10% per day of TGE, the rest with a delay of 3 months, for 12 months in equal parts.
Community ownership.
Reservation of funds to finance the further development of the platform. 50M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
Marketing & Influencers.
Promotion of the platform among brands and their customers. 8M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
Development Incentives.
Financing the development of the platform. 2M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
Motivational program for project advisors. 1M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
Motivational program for the project team. 4M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
8M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.
LP Token Incentives.
8M tokens to use under the decision of the participants of managing DAO.

A total of $5,650K is raised. A total of 100M project tokens are issued.


Invest profitably in the EU labor market. Participate in the seed stage of the Talent Cards project. 

1. We raise at the seed stage.

From early investors at the seed stage, we raise $ 200K in exchange for 4M project tokens at a price of $0.05 per token. The tokens will be available to the seed investor in 12 months after the TGE in equal parts for 6 months.

2. Use of raised funds.

Funds are used by the project team in the Platform Development 70K $ (35%), Business Development 20K $ (10%), Marketing 70K $ (35%), Operation 20K (10%), Accounting and Legal 20K $ (10%).

3. Benefit for the early investor

The price of a token when purchased by an early investor is $0.05. When placing tokens through IDO, it will be $0.5 per token. The utility of the token in the project is that it will be used to pay for the services of the platform by all its users, which will determine the market demand.

4. How to become a seed-investor.

Join the whitelist of investors for the seed stage. Sign SAFT. Make investment. Receive eco-tokens to your address after TGE on terms depending on the amount of investment.-